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I just finished in 7th place on the 2013 IBA World Tour, my dream is to bring the World Title back to Australia!

My main aim is to promote happiness, kindness, healthy living and to always be pushing yourself in some kind of venture. I love travelling, I love good barrelling waves and chasing swells all over the world, and I love the dedication needed to be a good competitor.
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pipe Challenge

Well the 2012 Pipe Challenge certainly was that... A challenge... I'm a little bit bummed about my result, so to make me feel better I thought I'd post a video from my win in Puerto Rico to begin with ;)
From day one that I arrived here in Hawaii, I set the alarm for 6am every morning to run along the beach from my place at Log Cabins and get the early morning (less crowded) session at Pipeline to get a good feel for it and be ready for the event.
Those early morning sessions were my best surfs for sure this season, and I scored some of the best waves I've ever had at Pipe.
I headed out every morning, no matter what the conditions, and scored some pretty memorable barrels and just two heavy beatdowns ha (got a fresh scar on my foot to prove it). The biggest I probably surfed it was 8-10ft with second reef wash throughs.
Watched the mens division held in epic 6-10ft Pipe, incredible conditions! Was so amping to watch it! Unfortunately, the day the women were held was not so good... We lucked out... 3ft Pipe, wind howling, with barely a barrel in sight, not really what I came to Hawaii for... But still not the worst I've ever seen for a contest.
Despite the bad conditions, I had a really good frame of mind going into my heats. I felt really confident and fit and comfortable out there... My quarter final heat, I used my priority to score a nice Backdoor barrel to roll, scoring a 9.44 in the process, yew!
I'd been visualising holding one of those beautiful trophies I saw from the mens day and even had in my head the colour rash shirt I was to be wearing in the final. I only had one more heat to get there... However, for my semi final, conditions worsened... First wave, I found a nice little Pipe section, popped an ARS but the wind blew me off the back! Ha. Which also means I hit the lip a little early I think. Basically, from there, I mostly sat at Backdoor, looking for another peaky barrel, but huey definitely wasnt on my side, I even went for a simple roll to get a few extra points, but hit it a little late I think and got really smashed, hyperextending my lower back, came up seeing stars... Less than a minute remaining and I was in fourth.. Found a small inside Pipe one in the dying seconds and managed an ARS... I needed a 7 to progress, but I got a 6... Fair enough considering I knew it didnt feel like an amazing ARS, especially off the gums section.
So I was out, and Karla and Miname progressed to the final. I finished at third in my heat and fifth overall. Congrats To Isabella for taking the event win, she really rips, so I'm stoked for her.
Personally I was pretty devastated with my result, but I can only draw from this experience, improve on my contest surfing, and look forward to this next Pipe event.. The SeaHawaii Womens Pro... Waiting period has begun now, and although the forecast doesn't look great, I know how to surf Pipe in any conditions, so I'm ready for it :)

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