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My name is Lilly and I'm a bodyboarder from Werri Beach in NSW Australia :)

I am winner of the Australasian Pro Tour in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
I just finished in 7th place on the 2013 IBA World Tour, my dream is to bring the World Title back to Australia!

My main aim is to promote happiness, kindness, healthy living and to always be pushing yourself in some kind of venture. I love travelling, I love good barrelling waves and chasing swells all over the world, and I love the dedication needed to be a good competitor.
I'm always keeping my Facebook athlete page updated with all my adventures, so be sure to 'like' my page to stayed informed: https://www.facebook.com/bodyboarderlillypollard

I'm looking for assistance to help me achieve my dream of becoming world champion, and also showcasing girls charging in waves of consequence. If you think you can help, shoot me an email at: lillypollard81@yahoo.com.au
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

A win in Puerto Rico!!

Sick sick waves and an amazing event overall, so glad I came here!
The level of riding from the guys and especially the girls really impressed me, it was just so awesome to watch it all unfold and be a part of it. I managed to beat current world champ Isabela Sousa in the final, yew! I scored a 9.75 and a 9...
All the info can be found at the IBA website
Winning the Encanto Pro has now pushed me into no.3 on the IBA Women's World Tour.
I have no chance to win the title because I missed the key event in Venezuela, but pretty stoked to think I am still at no.3 in the world when the rest of the top 8 have all been to every event.
I'm going to now save my dollars for a full assault on the World Tour next year, starting with Pipeline in February.
Encanto Pro finals day video :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pro Tour win!

Woo! Won the final event on the Rebel Sport Australasian Pro Tour last weekend, and won the tour!! :)
Scored the back page of both local newspapers....
Heading to Puerto Rico on Sunday for the Encanto Pro -the biggest Women's World Tour event of 2011. Looks like such a sick wave, can't wait!! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

4th in the World!

Well, my big trip to Portugal and Japan proved pretty successful. Placed =3rd in the Sintra Pro WWT event. I have to admit, I've never been more devastated in my life than that moment when the hooter went in my woman on woman semi final heat, and I knew I had got knocked out. I dont like to blame the surf, but one big factor in my loss was that the waves just stopped in the second half of the heat. I also now realise I need to be on bigger boards in tiny waves (and have just ordered a new Milkshakes 38 inch board with a higher wide point to test out).
So, everyone is telling me it was a great result, I guess it was, but I just wanted to win so badly, it hurt not to make that final. 
Anyway, I know that the positives from that contest are that I have the hunger to win, and know I can, plus it's actually my best ever result at Sintra Pro, and from that result, I've been pushed up into 4th place on the 2011 IBA WWT ratings :) 
Photo above from my Round 4 heat -had the highest heat score of that round -12.25, in difficult 6ft swell, loads of closeouts, managed to find this 7.67 ride in the final minute -completing two rolls to win against Myalla Venturin. 
So, I actually had an amazing trip in Portugal, got to see a lot of the country, the history and sights, and also managed a 5th place finish at the Miss Sumol Cup (WWT regional event) in Aveiro. 

Then, Japan was just such an incredible experience -the food, the people, the culture, wow. I couldn't get over how lovely and kind everyone is and what amazing food they have! Was only there for 5 days, but just loved it. Nijima Island was so beautiful. 
And for Milkshakes, the trip was really successful, there's a lot of girl bodyboarders there, and they all seem to be heaps happy to meet me and love the Milkshakes brand :) 
Once again, I suffered the curse of the semi finals, this time with a 7th place finish. Again, it was super tiny surf, so I'm really looking forward to this bigger board I'll be testing out in the coming weeks. 
Next event is Kiama National titles and final event on the Rebel Sport Pro Tour, from October 17-23. I'm currently winning the tour and I'm so keen to win the title again!

Monday, August 15, 2011

New video!!

I'm so happy with how this turned out. Made it up myself on iMovie :)

Lilly Pollard in the real green room!!! from Lilly Pollard on Vimeo.

Off to Portugal this week for the Sintra Pro WWT event, then Japan for a promo trip with Damian King for Milkshakes/Turbo. Yew! Pretty excited :)
Ohh and I'm now in the lead on the Rebel Sport Australasian Pro Tour after my second place at Soldiers, and win at Cronulla! Final event will be at my local in Kiama.... Psyched for it! :P
Here's a recent newspaper article detailing everything >>>>

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New IBA Women's World Tour calendar!

With the long break between world tour events, I've been keeping busy with life..... Working extra hours, plenty of swell chasing, scoring some cool video clips with my GoPro camera , just learnt iMovie (currently producing my own vids -coming soon!), creating the new Milkshakes range of bodyboards, and even took up Women's League Tag (kinda like OzTag football) -for some extra fitness... It's so much fun! ha.
Here's a frame grab from a pit I scored at my local beach recently with my GoPro cam:

So, the IBA World Tour calendar has been recently updated for the remainder of the year, and there's a couple of exciting new events :)
Check it out:
The new event I'm most excited about is in Puerto Rico. I've been wanting to go there for years, so I'm stoked to have a good excuse to go, plus it's a major event for women with the biggest prizemoney the girls have ever been offered! Yew!

So, with many thanks to www.milkshakesdesigns.com, my flights for the Sintra and Miss Sumol events have just been booked! :) Plus, I've also got 6 days in Japan booked for immediately afterwards. I'll be travelling there with 2x World champ, Damian King, doing promos for Milkshakes/Turbo, and competing in a national event there :) Can't wait!!!
Soooo stoked, as Japan is another country I've been dying to go to for years!

Pretty pumped for the remainder of the year. And excited for the second Aussie Tour event to be held this weekend at Cronulla. I'm competing in Pro women's on Sunday, fingers crossed for a win! :P
Recently scored myself a new board (check out the new Milkshakes "MS logo") and Zion wetsuit for winter, sooo good!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2011 tour update :)


Brazil contest was cancelled! :(
So, the next big event on the IBA Womens World Tour calendar will be the Sintra Pro in Portgual at the end of August :)
Meanwhile, I have been making the most of the winter swells hitting around home. So sick! Scored some amazing waves, and got lucky with some photographers in the water getting awesome shots, plus was included in "Le Boogie" magazine's helicopter photo shoot at a sick left hand reef break! Those pics will be in mags in the coming months :) Here's a couple of frame grabs from one wave of mine:

Made it! ;) Scored some pretty sick waves that day.

I also got some awesome footage with my GoPro HD helmet camera a few