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Thanks for visiting.
My name is Lilly and I'm a bodyboarder from Werri Beach in NSW Australia :)

I am winner of the Australasian Pro Tour in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012.
I just finished in 7th place on the 2013 IBA World Tour, my dream is to bring the World Title back to Australia!

My main aim is to promote happiness, kindness, healthy living and to always be pushing yourself in some kind of venture. I love travelling, I love good barrelling waves and chasing swells all over the world, and I love the dedication needed to be a good competitor.
I'm always keeping my Facebook athlete page updated with all my adventures, so be sure to 'like' my page to stayed informed: https://www.facebook.com/bodyboarderlillypollard

I'm looking for assistance to help me achieve my dream of becoming world champion, and also showcasing girls charging in waves of consequence. If you think you can help, shoot me an email at: lillypollard81@yahoo.com.au
Many thanks to my current sponsors for their support: Flipmode Clothing, Hive Swimwear, GoPro cameras, Zion Wetsuits, Travel Insurance Direct, BoogerBod training and Treehugger Wax.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Travel blog!!!

I've created a separate blog for my World Title adventure over the next three months. I'll be posting daily, so be sure to check it out!

If you're a potential sponsor interested in learning more about me, flick through the archives along the right on this blog that you're on now (lillypollard.blogspot). All my media history and contest results are in here. Cheers!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New video!

I'm currently in third place on the Tour, and with 4 big events still remaining, anyone can win it! I'm chasing my World Title dream!

I've just booked my flights for the final leg of the tour which goes like this:

Sintra Pro Grand Slam, Portugal: August 28 -September 2
Miss Sumol Cup (Regional event), Portugal: September 3-4
Rio Pro Grand Slam, Brazil: September 11-16
Bodyboard Pro Festival Grand Slam, Venezuela: September 20-23
Encanto Pro Grand Slam, Puerto Rico: November 2-13

I'm still in need of extra sponsors if anyone is interested, shoot me an email! lillypollard81@yahoo.com.au
I plan to do a travel blog of my trip, and I'm happy to do any other promotional work :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fun times and more media!

Got a pic run in Le Boogie magazine issue 10, which came out only recently. Beautiful shot, thanks Ray! I got some fun ones that day!

The good run of swell has continued around home! So stoked! I've been exploring more and surfing all over the coast lately between long shifts at work.
A couple of days ago I headed down to Jervis Bay with my friend Emily. It was such a good day, the sun was shining, the waves were pumping, and we managed to do some good exploring of the area, loved it!
I also tested out a new set-up for my GoPro cam. I call it bum-cam!
You can see a bunch of other pics on my facebook: www.facebook.com/bodyboarderlillypollard

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More sick waves and a Facebook fan page!

Yep, got me a fanpage on Facebook this week, check it out, and like me if you like it! I'd really like that! ha...
Meanwhile, I have been having loads of fun camping and exploring and getting shacked in the waves around home this past month (in between long shifts at my job!). Tonight I'm feeling super tired and worn out, but still super stoked on life!
Here's a couple pics of what I've been sampling ;)
And photo from land by Cameron Sullivan >>>

I have also been filming with RushTV on ABC3 for an upcoming episode (I'll keep you posted when it will air).
I'm counting down to the next event on the IBA World Tour, The Sintra Pro Portugal, at the end of August. I have some time now to work and save the dollars, and have been talking with a few different companies about sponsorship. Fingers crossed I can pull enough dollars together to finish the tour this year! I'm feeling good about it!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Waves at home!!!

I have the current WOrld Tour leader, Isabela Sousa staying with me for three weeks, so it's been really good to surf with her and push each other a lot. We scored super fun waves and perfect conditions at Aussie Pipe only a few days ago, and more swell is on it's way, so excited!

Scored these gems with my GoPro cam in hand:
 ^ Isabela in a fun pit!
Me about to get tubed during an amazing sunset >

3rd on the tour!

I'm finally home again after months of travel and competition. It's been pretty awesome.
Last week was the IBA Women's World Tour Port Macquarie Grand Slam event. Fund a familiar face on the IBA banner there ;)
I went up there feeling good, super fit and was surfing the best I ever had in my free-surfing! Breakwall was fun for my first heat (round 3) and I managed to find some good ones to easily win my heat :)

This result and put me straight into the quarter finals via the new system (first place in round 3 progresses direct to quarters while the remaining girls fight it out in round 4).

The women's quarters were put out on run in tide at Breakwall, which meant for a horror rip and the girls in the first quarter actually got swept into the river, crazy! I still felt good and confident as I paddled out, as I know the wave so well, but then basically everything went wrong and I had one of those horror heats...
I didn't hear the hooter to start the heat, couldn't hear the scores, kept picking waves with mushy sections, couldn't do much with the waves, had to run up the beach top get back in the lineup, then finally I heard in the last two minutes that I only needed a 5 point ride. I got the wave, managed to get a 5.15, but then Karla also got a wave in the dying seconds to beat me. I was pretty devastated, but that's competition I guess.

A 9th in Port Macquarie is not what I was aiming for, but it was a good enough result to put me in no. 3 on the World Tour rankings! Stoked! I'm still in a strong position to fight for a world title this year.

Next event is The Sintra Pro in Portugal in August, so I'm home again now, training, working afternoons at my job, playing league tag for extra fitness and fun, and have been scoring some really good early winter swells around home! I'm also on the search for new sponsors to help me get to the next event!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Reunion MANAPANY Festival goes OFF!!

Just got home from the magical Reunion Island, wow, what a trip!
Only spent six days in that beautiful place, but just loved it.
I went for the Manapany Festival as part of the IBA Women's World Tour, and ended up placing equal third in the event. Even though I would obviously prefer to win and was a little upset at losing in yet another semi-final, I'm fairly happy with my result because my good friend and the local hero of Manapany, Roxane Bonet, went on to win the event.
The island was incredible, the people so lovely, the waves fun, the water so beautiful, and so many fun times with the bodyboarders at the event. The time went too quick!

So, after bagging a third in my pocket in Reunion, I'm now in second place on the World Tour!!!
Next week I'm driving up to Port Macquarie for the next Grand Slam event on the Tour, pretty amped about it as I've surfed Port Mac in a lot of Aussie Tour contests over the years, and always get good results ;) Last time we had a World Tour event at this place (in 2005) I won the contest! So I'm feeling confident and excited for the upcoming event.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ten point barrel in SeaHawaii Women's Pipeline Pro

Photo of SeaHawaii Pipeline Bodyboarding champion Karla Costa Taylor, "Wave of the Contest" winner Lilly Pollard, and Longboarding champion Melanie Bartels.

Report from the SeaHawaii Women's Pipeline 5-15th March 2012:

Gerringong bodyboarder Lilly Pollard has overcome rough and stormy condition to claim fourth place at the SeaHawaii Women’s Pipeline Pro in Hawaii, and "Wave of the Contest". This is Lilly's second top five finish in the first two rounds of the 2012 IBA world tour, which have both been held at Pipeline.  
Murky brown waters from recent floods, a barrage of North-East swells which created a big sandbar at Pipeline, and winds of up to 40 knots left organisers with no other option but to

Recent newspaper love :)

South Coast Register 19th March 2012: 
South Coast Register 12th March 2012: 
Illawarra Mercury February 2012: 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pipe Challenge

Well the 2012 Pipe Challenge certainly was that... A challenge... I'm a little bit bummed about my result, so to make me feel better I thought I'd post a video from my win in Puerto Rico to begin with ;)
From day one that I arrived here in Hawaii, I set the alarm for 6am every morning to run along the beach from my place at Log Cabins and get the early morning (less crowded) session at Pipeline to get a good feel for it and be ready for the event.
Those early morning sessions were my best surfs for sure this season, and I scored some of the best waves I've ever had at Pipe.
I headed out every morning, no matter what the conditions, and scored some pretty memorable barrels and just two heavy beatdowns ha (got a fresh scar on my foot to prove it). The biggest I probably surfed it was 8-10ft with second reef wash throughs.
Watched the mens division held in epic 6-10ft Pipe, incredible conditions! Was so amping to watch it! Unfortunately, the day the women were held was not so good... We lucked out... 3ft Pipe, wind howling, with barely a barrel in sight, not really what I came to Hawaii for... But still not the worst I've ever seen for a contest.
Despite the bad conditions, I had a really good frame of mind going into my heats. I felt really confident and fit and comfortable out there... My quarter final heat, I used my priority to score a nice Backdoor barrel to roll, scoring a 9.44 in the process, yew!
I'd been visualising holding one of those beautiful trophies I saw from the mens day and even had in my head the colour rash shirt I was to be wearing in the final. I only had one more heat to get there... However, for my semi final, conditions worsened... First wave, I found a nice little Pipe section, popped an ARS but the wind blew me off the back! Ha. Which also means I hit the lip a little early I think. Basically, from there, I mostly sat at Backdoor, looking for another peaky barrel, but huey definitely wasnt on my side, I even went for a simple roll to get a few extra points, but hit it a little late I think and got really smashed, hyperextending my lower back, came up seeing stars... Less than a minute remaining and I was in fourth.. Found a small inside Pipe one in the dying seconds and managed an ARS... I needed a 7 to progress, but I got a 6... Fair enough considering I knew it didnt feel like an amazing ARS, especially off the gums section.
So I was out, and Karla and Miname progressed to the final. I finished at third in my heat and fifth overall. Congrats To Isabella for taking the event win, she really rips, so I'm stoked for her.
Personally I was pretty devastated with my result, but I can only draw from this experience, improve on my contest surfing, and look forward to this next Pipe event.. The SeaHawaii Womens Pro... Waiting period has begun now, and although the forecast doesn't look great, I know how to surf Pipe in any conditions, so I'm ready for it :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Aloha 2012!!

Well the new year is here! And I've managed to get a little bit of sponsorship support for the upcoming IBA World Tour 2012.
I would like to thank Milkshakes Designs for their continued and valued support in my career, I have a couple of new custom boards and equipment on the way plus they have committed to paying for my Hawaii flight for the 2012 World Tour, woo!
Thanks to Zion Wetsuits and Hive Swimwear for their amazing products, they are definitely the best quality wetsuits and swimwear you can get.
I'm also happy to announce that Ray White Kiama are kindly donating $200 for my entry fee for the first event of the year, the Pipeline Challenge in Hawaii.
Thanks guys, every little bit helps and is much appreciated :)

Here's the 2012 World Tour calendar (TBC):
First up is the first Grand Slam event of 2012, The Pipeline Challenge. I'm off to Hawaii on Feb 7. I'm hanging to get over there and I'm feeling really fit and focused for a great event. Can't wait!